Tito Julio Celis

Was born in Puente National, Santander on February 6, 1905. A man of restless energy, he traveled around our country. Tito also explored different occupations. 

It was  photography, however, the activity that he made his passion, his profession, and his life.



Tito became well known by the quality of his work: portraits, landscapes, architecture, and special events. Photo Tito was highly appreciated by the Colombian Army, for his contributions on its parades, ceremonies and special reunions.

His ingenuity and unique intuition made his lens capture images that
speak louder than words; that would confirm or clarify facts, and make history, although Tito Celis has never been considered as a reporter.

Every photograph is a little piece of art, carefully conceived and created
in detail.


Tito Celis passed away on October 30, 1989 in Bogotá. His work, as a legacy proudly emerges to be shared with those who value art, history,
and good intentions.

Let Tito Celis, “Foto Tito” tell a part of the history of Bogotá, for some of us to remember; for some others to learn.

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